Aug 29

Aug 28

imreallytiredofmyurl said: fucking shill remove that depression quest shit and please kill yourself you cunt

I don’t know who abused you or didn’t give you guidance early in life to make you so insensitive and jaded that you feel the need to lash out at me for trying to spread the word about what I happen to think is an important resource.  I’ve suffered from depression my whole life, and it’s given me a little bit of empathy, which is why - despite the fact that your words hurt - I’m not prepared to judge you for them.

I feel sorry for you.  I really do.

Please get help.  Telling people to kill themselves - even in jest - is really, really sick, possibly even sociopathic.

PS - What gives you the idea that I’m a shill?  That perplexes me.  I could see you saying that if I was running some sort of monetization scheme on this blog, like AdWords or something, but I’m not.  I’m linking to a site which allows you to use their interactive fiction game for free, or pay for it if you feel like it.  Do you go to convenience stores and ask the owners to remove their Jerry’s Kids donation boxes, too?  I really don’t understand that.

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